Liz has had many songs recorded as a writer and publisher and has had nationally charted singles as a solo artist and also recorded a duet album with the late and great “GRAND OLE OPRY” star Del Reeves. She has also published or written songs that were recorded by Alan Jackson on Arista, Ken Mellons on Epic-Sony, an Elvis Presley tribute on K-tel International, and a #1 Country/Christian cut which stayed in the charts three months.

Liz published the title track of the duet album that she recorded with Del Reeves entitled: “Let’s Go To Heaven Tonight", and she was also the writer and publisher of another great song on the CD titled: “This Thing Called Love”!                 She has written many songs for her own albums and various other Christian and Country acts. She has had five albums released in the U.S. and Europe & some of them she co-produced.
After graduating from high school Liz enrolled in songwriting and other music business classes at the University of Tennessee - Nashville extension, which was near the TN state capital at the time.
She has won, or placed, in many local and national songwriting competitions, including the "American Song Festival" and a " Billboard Magazine" Song Competition. 
She was also a top winner of a Mary Kay Cosmetics Song contest in Dallas, Texas entitled: “We’re Going To Dallas".  Of chorus, it was about cosmetics which Liz and most women love!      
Liz took a long hiatus from performing & recording because of the extended illness and loss of her beloved mother, and the loss of her father a short time before her mother's illness began. A few years earlier, her parents had been very happy that she had dedicated her first album to them, along with their photo and a picture of Liz about 4 years old inside the cover! They were both excited that she was doing the music that she had always loved and wanted to do.

Liz has never stopped dreaming of hit songs and has continued to write, publish and demo her music. She released a great version of the Conway Twitty / Loretta Lynn  #1 hit “God Bless America Again” which stayed in the Country/Christian and Bluegrass charts for several weeks. She has written and recorded several new songs and is hoping to release a new CD.

Liz wants everyone to know that she is not connected to any of the web pages that someone has linked her name to on the internet, unless they are connected to Music or Songwriting. 

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HELLO  FRIENDS ,  FANS,  &  LOVING FAMILY MEMBERS :   I'm sorry I haven't given you an update in a long time! But I'm still working to finish new music and hopefully get a new website built.

As many of you are aware I became a victim of cyber crime and had to close my website several months ago. Internet hackers piggy-backed &  linked my name and .com to bad websites just to get their websites uploaded to the internet for free .  I've spent hours of my precious time and resources trying to  get these sites deleted but the problem is much too big for this "Country Girl"to handle. When I first learned what was happening I ended up in the Vanderbilt ER from all the stress and nothing has got any better, no matter how many tears I cry or how many prayers I pray! If any one knows how to bring these bad sites down and get my name off of them I would appreciate your help. If you'll Google you'll see what I'm talking about. If you read a few of the web site descriptions, bad words will start appearing in the ones that are dangerous. But I wouldn't open any of the ones that have bad language because they  could have viruses. I don't know much about the internet but I think there should be more rules and regulations on it because lives are being ruined every day by bullying like this.      

With your prayers and God's help I hope to get through this.

Thanks so much for your continued support & encouragement.
Love & Blessings to you all,
Liz Lyndell